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“I hate endings”. So do I, Doctor. So do I. (And possibly a vast majority of the Whovian world after that episode).

The ending was glorious. It could be argued that what Doctor Who always does well is endings. From Rose being trapped in a parallel universe, Donna unable to remember the Doctor to David Tennant’s “I don’t want to go”, they always pull off the raw emotion that is at the heart of the series.

And The Angels Take Manhattan was no exception. We have grown up with Amelia Pond, the girl who waited. We have been with her through childhood dreams, her wedding, emotional motherhood and ultimately her farewell. She heralded the new Doctor Who alongside Matt Smith and she certainly did bring her own element to Doctor Who. Amy was feisty, knew her own mind and was a wonderful best friend for the eleventh Doctor. What made her leaving even more emotional was the fact she went with Rory. The Ponds were always destined to stick together and it was so fitting how they remained as one through the ending. Amy’s character has been through a lot over her series’, but the way she stood next to Rory when the angels came to take him said it all – it brought home who Amy is and what she stands for. The Amelia Pond we all know.

Obvious scenes stand out for pulling on the heart strings. The roof scene, the park banter and ultimately Amy’s farewell and voiceover. All the actors were outstanding in this episode, even Rory (who, let’s be honest, has some wishy washy dialogue in the past) had really meat to play with in this episode. The writing was genuine and real and the writers were constantly using their clever sense of fore-shadowing. I even appreciated River here as she was kept toned down and did not steal the show, as it might have been.

There were flaws. The premise seemed too large, but after the quick ending of last week’s episode, it was good that this episode was carried through efficiently. The angels were handled differently, which was refreshing if maybe not to their full potential. Based on the creatures alone it did not stand up to previous weeping angel episodes, which is a shame considering the scale and gravitas behind this. How did the angels control non-angel statues? Although the introduction of cherubs was genius and delightful – if intensely creepy.

There were also plot holes (surely the Statue of Liberty had plenty of time to move whilst Amy and Rory argued, plusĀ someoneĀ must have seen it move in the first place), and further explanation of how the farm idea worked would have been appreciated – how did they draw on time energy if they seemingly only sent victims back once?

But let’s be honest, that’s not what this episode was about. In years and episodes to come we won’t care about explanations of the Statue of Liberty. We will be looking back on the journey the Ponds shared, and how they grew as characters alongside the Eleventh Doctor – giving heart and power behind the Moffat era Who. Amelia Pond, the girl who waited, you will wait no more.


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