I plan to turn this into a recurring weekly post, where I will scour the interweb and find some geeky clothing gems for your enjoyment! (Each week featuring various themes – accessories, Star Wars, lingerie – it could be anything). This week, the theme is the wonderful website Etsy – where you can find gorgeous handmade things, from vintage home accessories to a hat shaped like a dragon. Probably.

My first find was the fabulous skirts, aprons and other creations made to order by NerdAlertCreations

A Buffy Inspired Skirt based on the season 8 comic book. $40, or approx £25.38. Pic copyrighted for the shop

These items are made by Rachel Bradford from Florida and are made to order, the fabric is handmade and cannot be bought elsewhere.  Etsy states her feedback is 100% positive (from 504). I personally love the skirts – the designs are unique and eye-catching and I love the full shape of the skirts. It’s great to see such feminine clothing that is not a “shaped” t-shirt that suffocates you! The skirts would look gorgeous with a plain vest top tucked inside and make a real, proud geek statement.

TARDIS inspired – again $40 or approx £25.38. Pic copyrighted for the shop

Next up are some upcycled beauties from Moonlight Decorator, otherwise known as Stephanie from Florida (feedback 100% positive from 60).

Size 8 1/2 heels upcycled with a 1990’s Marvel Iron Man comic book. $85, or approx £53.92. Pic copyright of shop.

She makes all sorts of things other than her shoes – I particularly love the comic book themed coat hangers! She also has many vintage items. I think these shoes are fabulous and again add that feminine touch to a geeky outfit. They are perfect if you do not feel comfortable enough to go all out statement with your clothing, let the shoes do the subtle talking. They could be worn casual with jeans (maybe for a convention) or all out glamour for a night out.

Decoupaged bracelet with 1978 Marvel Star Wars comic book. $15, or approx £9.52. Pic copyrighted for shop

And last but not least is the Doctor Who gems from Geekiana, or Leann Olsen from Minneapolis. Feedback 100% positive from 1221.

Bag design based on TARDIS and Sugar Skulls from the day of the dead. $18 or approx £11.42. Pic copyrighted for shop

I adore these items. I may be biased towards Doctor Who, but these items are designed and printed by Leann herself, making them unique – and they are very affordable. The fresh approach to the classic TARDIS shape is wonderful and really makes everything stand out that little bit more. It would be talking point for all Whovians!

Pashmina with henna inspired TARDIS design. $20 or approx £12.69. Pic copyrighted for shop.

Come back next week for an amazing accessories theme!