I love Television.  I have an unashamed, unhealthy attachment to fictional characters (TV, books, films, comics – even video games) and I have come to terms with this. I can even admit it openly now. However, I am an awful TV watcher. Unless it is Doctor Who, I often tape so many series which then sit there awaiting my critical but accepting eye – and thus never get seen. People discuss the latest shows and my contribution always seems to be “I so want to watch that! I’ve got it taped ready just not got round to it!” Story of my life. It took me four years to watch Supernatural on DVD, become thoroughly obsessed by it, only to have missed season 7 because (you guessed it) it is currently sitting in my Sky+ list. True Blood is one of these missed shows. Nikita, Lost Girl, The Walking Dead and Once Upon a Time just a few others. Maybe now is the time to watch these so I can blog about it!

And until last week another on this seemingly endless list – Game of Thrones. But I can finally shout out to the world – I HAVE SEEN GAME OF THRONES (well, up til the penultimate episode of season 1 anyway. Season 2 is next week).

Season 1 Boxset

I have no idea why it has taken me so long. It is a truly epic series of which would never have been possible through TV until now. No fantasy based show has come close to the standards and reach of Game of Thrones. It’s ambition is paramount. First off, the cinematography and scenery holds just enough scale and gloom to make this world believable. The characters are all richly padded out and the dialogue is considered and correctly echoes the overall tone of the show.

Admittedly, some of this ambition does get misplaced. There are a whole army of characters and more to remember the names of, sometimes those names are very similar – and there are only so many middle-aged, brown-haired, armoured men you can remember. The first few episodes it also takes a while to grasp the houses and who belongs to whom.

But once you get your head around the sheer depth of the series its many merits shine through. There are some true gems amongst the cast. The rebellion and spirit of Arya, the determination of Bran, the wit of Tyrion, the inner strength of Deanerys. Even the more twisted characters have enough depth behind them to emphasise their interest. Each and every character you become intrigued by and want to know all the back stories and history, and with so many characters this alone would take up a show by itself. If you even dared to become bored by a character, another will swoop in and grab your interest again. Add to that the underlying plot of war, treachery and danger and you have a full web of interest and intrigue to fully hook you in – and keep you there.