Let me tell you secret. The one thing I dream of one day doing in my life is attending San Diego Comic Con. The mecca of geek, the ultimate pilgrimage for all the fans out there.

At the moment I am restricted to the UK versions, which unfortunately are also limited by my spending and travel abilities. Which, as a student, are not exactly impressive. Although I have managed Telford and Birmingham MCM Expos and Wales Comic Con. My next step is the London Expo which is just a step away from San Diego!

But I thoroughly love these cons. Where else can you mingle with like-minded fans, buy plenty of mementos that you probably don’t need but HAVE to own, admire such talented cosplay, wear your Kingdom Hearts t-shirt with pride (knowing people will actually recognise it) and see Warwick Davis – all in one fun-filled outing?

Where else can you stand in the queue and have three seemingly sporty guys behind you discuss the merits of both the Star Wars franchise, Assassins Creed and Wonder Woman lingerie? Exactly.

MCM Telford 2012. Image copyright of Rhiannon Szulc

Alas, San Diego is a far off dream for me at the moment. I doubt they do discounted tickets and flights for currently unemployed students. One of the bigger cons would be completely amazing, just to be with that amount of fellow fans. The geek world is meant to be shared, and that’s what the cons are all about – bringing the fans together. When we can share our opinions on the latest Doctor, or rant about Jar Jar Binks, is when fans are at their best and happiest. If there is any aspect of culture that is meant to be shared then it is indeed the geek world. Meeting someone else who can discuss the pitfalls and twists of Harley Quinn and the Joker’s bizarre relationship is a rare but strangely beautiful thing.

So I leave you with this last thing. It was the New York Comic Con recently, and this video of a dancing Deadpool showcases exactly what the geek world is about. Dressing up, getting together and being silly. This guy (critiques4geeks on Youtube and @_dpiddy on Twitter) basically goes around various cons getting cosplayed people to dance with him as Deadpool. Absolute legend. Watch from 43 seconds for the dancing!

Also, if anyone has any cosplay ideas for me I would love to hear them. I am blonde and not up to dressing scantily (basically Emma Frost is out). Maybe I’ll get time to make a costume one day in the future and get to share it with you here.