As we build up to Halloween, us geeks feels it is a perfect excuse to dress up as our favourite characters and completely get away with it. So that is why this week I shall be concentrating on a Halloween theme, with a wee bit of good ol’ dressing up thrown in! I have looked especially to the Forbidden Planet “Halloween Shop of Horrors” for inspiration.

I shall begin this with some clear-cut zombie action. If your plan of action against a zombie invasion is to take inspiration from Shaun of the Dead and try to blend in with the infected, then these gems from Forbidden Planet are for you.

Hospital Zombie! £24.99 from Forbidden Planet

This hospital zombie gelatine is my favourite out of all of them, and even comes with a free oxygen tube! Unfortunately, it does come unpainted as the shop recommends you complete it yourself with their application kits – meaning you get the perfect skin tone for you. This does push the price up, but if you really want to make a proper zombie statement (without just ripping some clothes and splattering red dye on them), then this is for you. It would also make the perfect disguise for that upcoming zombie invasion – just in case there’s no castle, prison or supermarket nearby.

Yellow Cat Style Contact Lenses. £13.99 from Forbidden Planet

Next I have discovered these gorgeous contact lenses, again from Forbidden Planet, that come in a variety of styles and colours. They all come with sterile solution and last up to 90 days. Contact lenses have always scared me slightly, but with these creepy styles I might be persuaded to give them a go! Ideal for looking deep into the eyes of your soulmate… if they can hold your gaze.

Now we head to Etsy again to finish this search, starting with these adorable baby costumes by The Wishing Elephant.

R2D2 Baby Costume, £37.13 from Etsy

This adorable R2D2 costume would be the perfect way to start your baby’s geek life, and qualify them for the perfect dressing up Halloween and birthday parties! They would be the coolest baby around. I am so tempted to get one myself and just store it for a few years until I have kids… but that would be crazy, right?

Poison Ivy style corset, approx £99.24 from Etsy

Finally, for that ultimate sexy statement (and splurge) we have this Poison Ivy inspired handmade corset, set with Swarovski crystals. Made by Dirty Little Laundry on Etsy. If there was any comic book character that could inspire you to be sexy and confident, it would be Poison Ivy. And this corset is beautiful without being too revealing (like some Poison Ivy costumes!), and is boned to maintain the shape.

Steampunk Sewing Pattern from Simplicity. £5.65

Or if you want something a bit more covered up, Simplicity has gorgeous sewing patterns, like this Steampunk style dress. Although you do have to make it yourself, it would produce something that both looks beautiful and you could be proud of. As Steampunk has been through a massive increase in popularity lately, this would be a great Halloween option.

All images belong to their respective stores. Remember to tune in again next week!