This week I have chosen a different path and will concentrate my findings on the Threadless website. I would recommend this site to anyone who wants clothing designs with a difference, as they are created by professional designers and illustrators. They have t-shirts, hoodies, bags and accessories all with a special twist through fun designs or beautiful illustrations. The site does have american dollar pricing, but you can still purchase through the UK and it will convert it for you. Shipping will also be an added cost.

“Impasse” iPhone case (also available as hoodie and t-shirt) from $20

I adore this “Impasse” design by Verso. It is inspired by the Black Knight from Monty Python and the Holy Grail, and Gandalf from Lord of the Rings (in case you hadn’t noticed already!) I love the mash-up of this design, playing on the classic quotes “you shall not pass” and “none shall pass”, both amusing in their own rights. The contrast between the serious tone of the actual image and the amusement of its message makes this design really appealing.

“Old, Old Friend” design, available in t-shirt or iPhone from $12.95

Next I have chosen this design created by Rocco Rabar. The vintage twist on this is really effective and adds that comical edge when paired with Wolverine, or “Wolvie”. This simple design would be quite eye-catching and makes a nice play on the tough-guy image of Wolverine – it is a really inspired twist!

“Zombies in Wonderland” available in a t-shirt and hoodie, from $12.95

Now it is time for some kick ass girl action, with this Alice in Wonderland design by Alice X Zhang and Donald Lim. The illustration of this is beautifully done and the colours are gorgeous. It is surprising how well Alice fits into her Wonderland zombie slayer mode and the menacing Cheshire Cat adds that nice touch.

“Doctor – Hoo” available in t-shirt and hoodie, from $20

And finally I could not leave out this adorable Doctor Who themed design by Mallory Dyer. It features all eleven of the Doctor incarnations as little owls, what could be cuter! Owls are a big trend at the moment, and when you mix them with Doctor Who you know this design should be a winner. The simplicity of the concept shines through but the subtle details in each owl are what makes this design successful.

Remember to check back next week! Also, if anyone has any suggestions or requests for the fashion of the week, just leave me a comment! I will do my best.