So apparently there’s been some Star Wars news? Anyone remind me? Oh right, yeah. THERE WILL BE A NEW TRILOGY. MADE BY DISNEY.

That Mickey Mouse plush toy dressed as a Jedi that I bought from Disney’s Hollywood Studios in Florida is now a reality…

The geek sphere of the internet went into meltdown last night when the news hit and I know I am still in shock. Let me repeat – Disney have bought Lucasfilm off George Lucas for $4.05bn. Now, this is not a news-y blog but I felt that this was too massive not to comment on.

They have promised Star Wars Episode VII by 2015, the same year Avengers 2 is set to be released, and a further two films to follow that – making a brand new trilogy. I still do not know what to think about this, and I’m one of the Star Wars fans who genuinely liked the recent films (although I have yet to see Phantom Menace. Like I said, a disgrace). However Episodes IV, V and VI will always be the pinnacle of the franchise.

At first, I was greatly dismayed at the idea. For me, you should not touch things that were great as they were. Just look at Terminator Salvation – nothing on the first films of the series. A Star Wars not helmed by George Lucas did not sound like a positive outcome to me, and you could never beat the charm of the original films. Doors that close slowly and properly and not jarring you say? Modern, perfectly polished CGI and 3D you say?!

Although now I have had chance to sleep on it I began thinking. This is not a remake, and Lucasfilm are still involved despite the Disney takeover. And though we may laugh at the Mouse House jokes surrounding this story, I trust Disney. People are arguing that Star Wars was their childhood, but for me it was Disney and I have utter belief in them. Maybe they do not have the back catalogue to show what they could so with a film like Star Wars, but they are still churning out wonderful pieces (look at Brave and Toy Story 3).

There is also what they did with Avengers, as Disney now also own Marvel. A brilliant choice was made in putting Joss Whedon in charge of that and there’s no reason that Star Wars could not be similarly inspired. There is an army of talented filmmakers out there and you know they will treat the Star Wars name with the utmost respect if given the chance to do it – imagine the backlash if they didn’t.

So whilst we are all still reeling, and I will admit I would rather they just left it alone, if they do have to do it lets have faith. Lets not judge until it is here and trust that the people in charge still know what they are doing. What are your opinions? Leave a comment!

Mickey Mouse – Jedi Style!