I felt that in light of recent geeky news, this week it would only be fitting to concentrate on Star Wars themed items!

Chewbacca robe with hood from Forbidden Planet. £45.

First of all, we have this Chewbacca robe from Forbidden Planet! They come in a range that is even bigger than just the Star Wars inspired ones. This one isn’t to be released until December, so would make a perfect Christmas present to snuggle up with over winter. I love the added hood for extra warmth, and who wouldn’t want to be as cuddly as a Wookie?

Star Wars Full Skirt Dress from Etsy. $95 or approx £61.05.

Next we head over to Etsy for this full skirt Star Wars dress by Re-Stitch Retro. The simplicity of the design works really well, and the lines created by the triangle pleat effect makes this dress really stand out.

Storm Trooper Lounge Pants from Amazon. £10.99 – £13.89

Continuing the comfy clothing, we have these Storm Trooper lounge pants from Amazon. Imagine, if you will, coming home from a days work, lighting the fire and dressing in these trousers with the Chewbacca robe. Surely winter can’t get better than that?

Darth Vader Mask from Forbidden Planet. £5.99.

Last but not least, no Star Wars clothing collection would be complete without a Darth Vader mask, no? Like this one from Forbidden Planet. For those days when you wake up late with greasy hair and no time for a shower or make up application. Now there’s no need to worry! Although convincing your employer that the Darth Vader mask will increase productivity in the company might take slightly more effort…

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