I’m feeling a bit Christmassy today. For no particular reason really, but I just love this time of year and will be using it to it’s full blogging potential.

The christmas decorations, the repeats of all Christmas films including the typical runs of all Harry Potters and Star Wars, the christmas adverts, the music… and of course presents!

So I want to know, anything geeky on your letters to Santa this year? Leave me a comment, let’s share in Christmas wonder together! I shall share you a snippet of mine…

Harley Quinn Bishoujo statue

– Brave soundtrack & DVD

– Pokemon Black Version

“Geek Wisdom – The Secret Teachings of Nerd Culture”

– Assassin’s Creed 3. (As an incentive to stop me buying it now when I have limited student funds)

– Game of Thrones book collection & DVDs

– Marvel Monopoly

“Spectrum 19 (The Best in Fantastical Art)

– And a whole load of Lego. Highlights being the Hogwarts Castle and the Battle of Helm’s Deep.

What geeky wonders are on your wishlist? Leave a comment! And I don’t care if it is early – embrace christmas!!

This was a very quick wee post, but this friday I shall be visiting an exhibition opening curated by Olly Moss. He is a designer who creates fantastic film, gaming and general geeky posters and wonderful things (his Star Wars set being a favourite of mine) and has recently released a book on Silhouettes in Popular Culture. I will most definitely leave a post about that, so keep your eyes peeled!