First of all, I apologize whole-heartedly for missing out on last weeks fashion! I’m sure you all became blithering wrecks without my wisdom on wonderful finds for the week… (ahem).

Weeping Angel/ Silence Hoodie from Threadless. $49

So, because there has been a new trailer out for the Doctor Who christmas special this week, and because I feel christmassy, this week I have decided to do a Doctor Who theme! *vworp vworp*….

To kick off the search, I have discovered this wonderful hoodie (also available as a t-shirt) of a Weeping Angel and The Silence mash-up. If I had a bit more money I would be on this myself, but alas student funds don’t reach that far. Threadless hoodies are always top-notch quality with unique designs and this is a really clever (if creepy) design. The monochrome works even better and the indirect reference to Doctor Who makes that eye-catching statement.

Doctor Who inspired charm bracelet from Etsy. Approx £41.95

Next we take a more pretty route to this gorgeous Gallifreyan charm bracelet by urbanindustries on Etsy. Each charm is related to a Doctor Who episode even if it is a remote way, like a book for Silence in the Library. This is a beautiful piece of jewellery and works by itself, without the added bonus of a Doctor Who connection. The blue TARDIS stands out nicely and highlights the Doctor Who theme and makes that statement.

TARDIS christmas hat from Etsy. Approx £20.67

Still sticking with Etsy, we have this TARDIS christmas hat by Paskal. I think I may have mentioned that I love christmas, and what better way to spend christmas day than by watching the christmas special in this hat. There is no more need for the boring, standard red hat when you could have one like this! The fleece material looks wonderfully comfy and warm for the winter weather and would be something you could bring out year after year!

Eleventh Doctor bow tie from Amazon. £7.25

Finally,  no Doctor Who clothing would be complete without a wee memento from your favourite Doctor. Whilst Ten is the Doctor who got me into the show, he’s tying for first place with Eleven. So I found this bow tie, perfect for some Eleven cosplay, from Amazon. It comes pre-tied (so no fiddly business) and is good to go! Now all we need is a sonic screwdriver…

There’ll be more next week! And remember: please comment and leave suggestions/ requests, I’d love to hear from you guys!