As mentioned in a previous post (and if you were paying attention) this fashion of the week comes to you from Memorabilia! Well, not exactly… but the inspiration has been taken from various stalls that were there and I have to share with you lovely people!

Superman dress by Kaotichandbag Geek Boutique

First up I found a stall by Kaotichandbag Geek Boutique, who make dresses, denim jackets, skirts, cushion covers and more out of vintage fabric designs. There are even bibs to get the little ones started early! The above Superman dress was at the Memorabilia, but I really love the Marvel comic cover dress, below. They are a tad expensive, this one being £65, but are stunning – especially after seeing them for real. Unfortunately this one only comes in one (smaller) size, which does limit it. I also adore the Star Wars cushions, they combine my love of geek and retro all in one! And would look so cool with any home decor.

Marvel Comic Covers Dress from Kaotichandbag. £65.

A selection of Canvas Warrior shoes at Memorabilia

The next stall I have selected is Canvas Warriors, who make custom hand painted Converse shoes and hoodies to any design you wish. The shoes are stated to be completely durable and waterproof, so you can truly wear them with pride! I love the Sailor Moon ones, below. The shoes are made to a design completely requested by you, and hand-painted as you wish. They cost roughly £105 depending on particular orders, which is expensive but is for the sheer amount of time spent on them and authentic Converse. They also sell charm bracelets with geek inspired charms which you buy separately. I actually own one of these! But my Mockingjay and tree of Gondor fell off so I keep it safe now.

Sailor Moon hand-painted Converse.

Handbags from Lucy Liz

Finally in this glorious special post, we have these hand stitched handbags from Lucy Liz. I absolutely adore these bags. They are so vibrant and stylish, and again mix that retro theme with good old-fashioned geekery. The handy size means that they would be perfect for any occasion, and the chain means it adapts from clutch to handbag. I particularly like the Batgirl one, below, as all the designs are composed so well and the focus on the one character really makes them stand out against some other similar bags from other companies.

Batgirl Handbag from Lucy Liz. £39.