Batman and Robin pose for a photo

This weekend (24th and 25th November) was another Memorabilia event at the NEC in Birmingham. The event was by itself, without the Expo, but didn’t mean it was any less jam-packed and amazing!

The amount of stalls and goodies on offer selling wonderful things, from collectibles to handmade items, meant there was plenty of on offer to everyone of all ages. I even managed to tick off my mum’s and brother’s christmas presents for reasonable bargains (I can’t tell you what I bought though in case they read this!) I was a tad sad that I couldn’t afford anything for myself this time around, but there was plenty there for me to day-dream over. In particular I loved the Big Chief stall, that included such beautifully life-like Doctor Who figures. There were plenty of other stalls there too ranging from handmade jewellery, artwork, figurines, film posters or a vintage ewok. Expect a Memorabilia inspired fashion of the week post very soon!

I also loved the RPF stand, where they had a gorgeous display of prop replicas for people to just come and admire. My particular favourite were the Terminator props, especially the frozen T-1000 – if I could have that in my future house I would be rather happy! (Dammit, I’d go without a sofa just to fit it in…)

I personally prefer going to the shows to see the stalls rather than the signings, but the Hoff himself was there along with a Only Fools and Horses mini reunion and various other TV and sport stars.

As they didn’t have a masquerade, I also really enjoyed the mini parades showing off the best cosplay of the day, and then the Star Wars characters brought in especially for the show.

The cosplay was also wonderful as usual, and I am determined to get myself a costume for one of the next shows! Maybe I’ll manage it for next year… watch this space…

Here are just a few more images from the day,

Parade of Star Wars characters

R2-D2 made an appearance, complete with sound effects!

T-1000 replica at the RPF stand

Pirate-fly* being held by Stormtroopers, who posed with fans throughout the day