Oooo it’s 12/12/12 for this edition of Fashion of the Week! And because it is (as mentioned before) Hobbit Week this edition will be inspired by all things Middle Earth! (I do apologize if you’re not a Hobbit fan, it’ll end soon…) And although I unfortunately can’t offer goodies like this gorgeous Middle Earth map dress cosplayed at DragonCon (below) and found on Flickr, I can try my hardest to bring you other lovely nuggets to purchase.

Taken by Matt & Kristy on Flickr

Epic Beards t-shirt from ThinkGeek. Starting at $19.99.

First up we have this t-shirt from ThinkGeek, featuring the beards of the dwarves! Although it is American, they do ship to the UK and at $19.99 that would be approx £12.40 (excluding posting and customs charges). This t-shirt would be worth it though – even if it is just to keep track of which dwarf is which during the film, maybe adding post-it notes to their faces. Or you could casually admire the different styles to grow your own beard into one of these masterpieces…

Dwarven Beard hat! From ThinkGeek, $44.99.

…Or if you find it hard to grow that beard, or don’t have the patience, here is an alternative! These dwarven beard hats, again from ThinkGeek, at approximately £27.89. Perfect for those men who can’t grow their beards to dwarfish goodness, or for women who fancy a new look. I wouldn’t recommend this as an everyday piece, but it would certainly keep you warm through the midnight screening.

Lord of the Rings pullover from Etsy. Approx £28.65

Now we head over to Etsy for this Lord of the Rings pullover, featuring the characters of the fellowship. I love the simplicity of this, and it shows your love for all things Middle Earth without making it so obvious. I could see this in a larger size paired with coloured leggings and boots for casual style. I would wear this myself as it makes a geek statement but still maintaining that style.

Evenstar bracelet from Forbidden Planet. £206.99.

Finally, how about some Christmas sparkle and a bit of bling? Here is a beautiful Evenstar bracelet from Forbidden Planet, where you can also find separate pendant and earrings to go with it (unfortunately that latter two are currently sold out). The bracelet will be released on 30 January 2013, and is made of sterling silver and set with genuine crystals. It is extremely expensive, but for that stand out piece of jewellery for the Christmas period, it would make a subtle but gorgeous geek statement at any party. And what better time of year to buy some bling?

The Hobbit fun will continue with a review of the film later in the week, so keep tuned in for that! After that, it’ll be back to normal – I promise. Remember, if you have any requests or recommendations for the Fashion of the Week, drop me a line! I’d love to hear from you.