A new reveal trailer has been released for the Deadpool game, being released this year on Xbox 360, Playstation 3 and Wii U. See it here:

I am so excited about this game! I hated what they did to the Merc with a Mouth back in the Wolverine film, and this game looks like they are bringing him back to his psychotic (and hilarious) personality.

The trailer looks great – just enough gameplay to keep us interesting without really revealing anything about what the game story is about. Apart from shooting people and Cable.

But the shining thing in the trailer is certainly Deadpool’s personality, which is as right as it should be. The trailer is cleverly crafted from Deadpool’s point of view, and I love how they included the conversations with himself which is what sets him apart in the actual comic. It also makes a refreshing break from the serious game trailers and the game-sold-as-movie-style-thingy we see so frequently today. A particular highlight for me was the gun noises in the shooting scenes (“pew pew”) and the interaction between weight-of-the-world Cable and Deadpool should be great – and I hope this means other characters might make appearances somewhere.

Seeing as I will be graduated when this comes out, this is a pre-warning for somebody to buy this for me. Seriously.

The first trailer, released last year, is also here: