I have decided to put all my Geek Fashion of the Week posts into this page, so they are easier to find! The links are in date order, newest post at the top, with the title of that week’s theme and a snippet of what to expect! Easy peasy.

18/12/12 – Christmas Inspiration! (featuring an AT-AT christmas jumper and normal things like a TARDIS computer.)

12/12/12 – Middle Earth (featuring hats with dwarven beards and Evenstar jewellery)

26/11/12 – Memorabilia (featuring highlights from Memorabilia such as Sailor Moon Converse.)

19/11/12 – Doctor Who (featuring a Weeping Angel with a Silence face and a TARDIS christmas hat.)

06/11/12 – Star Wars (featuring a Chewbacca robe and a Darth Vader mask.)

29/10/12 – Threadless (featuring a Monty Python/ Lord of the Rings mash-up and Doctor Who Owls. As t-shirts.)

22/10/12 – Halloween! (featuring zombie prosthetics and an R2D2 baby suit.)

12/10/12 – Accessories (featuring the One Ring and Pacman oven gloves.)

05/10/12 – Etsy (featuring a skirt made from a Buffy the Vampire Slayer comic and Iron Man decoupage high heel shoes.)