Ok, so not really a bucket list, but more of a to-do list that I should really get onto. Because I am a disgrace. I blame it on being a Gemini. (We are typically fickle creatures – actually complete a video game you say? Impossible!)

So here is my list, and when I complete something I will blog about it, cross it off the list, and link it to my post. Simples! And whilst we’re here, if you have any geek to-do’s that you’d love to share, leave a comment! It might be something I can add myself 😉

In no particular order, here we go!

Read The HobbitAnd I managed it before the film! Hurrah! Now onto Lord of the Rings

Rewatch all Lord of the Rings. At least I have seen them in the first place, that’s a miracle! Also in here – Rewatch all Star Wars (& Phantom Menace for first time). Anyone else thinking a marathon day here?

Watch Game of Thrones. The blog post only features season 1, but I HAVE watched every episode out as of right now.

Read Game of Thrones. Linked to above. But I need to own the set first…

Watch Walking Dead. And just for you lovely people I have included a top 6 Walking Dead survival tips. For a bit of fun.

Begin watching Anime properlyI have dabbled in the past, but have now actually completed an (albeit short) series!

Have 5 or more pieces in my statuette collection. Currently on three – Harley Quinn, Harley Quinn Bishoujo and Kitty Pryde!

Watch every single Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve watched a fair few. But I need to sit down properly and go through them one by one in chronological order.

Finish an Assassin’s Creed. I don’t own 3 yet, but I have unfinished saved games on all the others. Despite my complete bumbling through the game, I am truly awful and un-stealth at it, I will finish at least one of them.

Finish Skyrim, a Pokemon & Final Fantasy VII. Like I mentioned earlier, I find it almost impossible to finish games. Unless they are Professor Layton or Kingdom Hearts.

Own a Lego game. I’m thinking the upcoming Lord of the Rings version here, but we shall see…

Have my own Cosplay (preferably handmade) & wear it to a con. YES. I don’t care how long it takes, but this needs to happen.

Attend San Diego comic con. Even if I reach 50 first, THIS WILL HAPPEN.