Oooo it’s 12/12/12 for this edition of Fashion of the Week! And because it is (as mentioned before) Hobbit Week this edition will be inspired by all things Middle Earth! (I do apologize if you’re not a Hobbit fan, it’ll end soon…) And although I unfortunately can’t offer goodies like this gorgeous Middle Earth map dress cosplayed at DragonCon (below) and found on Flickr, I can try my hardest to bring you other lovely nuggets to purchase.

Taken by Matt & Kristy on Flickr

Epic Beards t-shirt from ThinkGeek. Starting at $19.99.

First up we have this t-shirt from ThinkGeek, featuring the beards of the dwarves! Although it is American, they do ship to the UK and at $19.99 that would be approx £12.40 (excluding posting and customs charges). This t-shirt would be worth it though – even if it is just to keep track of which dwarf is which during the film, maybe adding post-it notes to their faces. Or you could casually admire the different styles to grow your own beard into one of these masterpieces…

Dwarven Beard hat! From ThinkGeek, $44.99.

…Or if you find it hard to grow that beard, or don’t have the patience, here is an alternative! These dwarven beard hats, again from ThinkGeek, at approximately £27.89. Perfect for those men who can’t grow their beards to dwarfish goodness, or for women who fancy a new look. I wouldn’t recommend this as an everyday piece, but it would certainly keep you warm through the midnight screening.

Lord of the Rings pullover from Etsy. Approx £28.65

Now we head over to Etsy for this Lord of the Rings pullover, featuring the characters of the fellowship. I love the simplicity of this, and it shows your love for all things Middle Earth without making it so obvious. I could see this in a larger size paired with coloured leggings and boots for casual style. I would wear this myself as it makes a geek statement but still maintaining that style.

Evenstar bracelet from Forbidden Planet. £206.99.

Finally, how about some Christmas sparkle and a bit of bling? Here is a beautiful Evenstar bracelet from Forbidden Planet, where you can also find separate pendant and earrings to go with it (unfortunately that latter two are currently sold out). The bracelet will be released on 30 January 2013, and is made of sterling silver and set with genuine crystals. It is extremely expensive, but for that stand out piece of jewellery for the Christmas period, it would make a subtle but gorgeous geek statement at any party. And what better time of year to buy some bling?

The Hobbit fun will continue with a review of the film later in the week, so keep tuned in for that! After that, it’ll be back to normal – I promise. Remember, if you have any requests or recommendations for the Fashion of the Week, drop me a line! I’d love to hear from you.


This momentous week, beginning on the mighty 10th December, has now been dubbed Hobbit Week. On Thursday, December 13th, The Hobbit hits UK cinemas – and my ticket is already booked for 7pm and has been for about a fortnight. I already have plans to arrive there at LEAST half an hour early just to get a good seat… I refuse to watch the ground-breaking 48FPS with children kicking my chair or instead leaving the cinema with a permanent neck jarr.

Alas, I am no big time blogger. Therefore I cannot give you an early review and revel together… you’ll just have to wait for thursday with me.

Bilbo Baggins

Bilbo Baggins

But what I can (and will) do is do a nice review of the book! As, I am ashamed to admit, I finished it last night. Now, my mum did read it to me when I was a wee thing, but because I was a wee thing I don’t remember much (basically any) of it. My memory is truly awful with books as I’ve read far too many of them in my 20 years. I was determined to read it before the film, however, because that is always the best way to enjoy film adaptions, and I adore Lord of the Rings. Plus I never got that chance with LotR, so here is my turn!

The book, as most people have decided before me, is a right charm. It is a shiny gem in Gollum’s cave and as adoringly bumbling as Bilbo. Unlike books for kids such as Harry Potter, you are constantly reminded it is for children, but that is why it works so well.

The simplicity of it is where I believe the genius lies – it is quite literally there and back again. The random events along the way help to flesh it out and give the story some depth, but it is purely for story’s sake. It is a book full of chance encounters that give J.R.R Tolkien a chance to fascinate us with more people of his world.

Which is what gives the book its richness – its characters. Despite the dwarves blending into one entity (apart from Thorin Oakenshield) you love each and every one of them separately. Bilbo is such a good piece of characterisation, who epitomizes Hobbit’s and the less adventurous of us all. There is definitely something decidedly British about him as well. The way he becomes a name unto himself, especially after the chapter with Gollum, makes you root for him more and more. Gandalf is… well, Gandalf, which is all we need to say. Even driven Thorin melts your heart a little as the adventure goes on.

It’s like revisiting your favourite Disney films – clearly for children but that’s why you love it so much.

Although, for this reason I have become a teensy bit apprehensive towards the film. I know it is in perfectly good hands with Peter Jackson, but stretching it across one film (let alone a trilogy) will be interesting to see. Fitting in the extra folklore to tie it with the LotR is another thing I can’t wait to see how they tackle, as The Hobbit is far from a back-story tale. It just doesn’t need the extra information.

Adapting the storyline, the chance encounters and wonderfully random adventures, for the film screen is certainly something I am looking forward to seeing, plus whether they will include the more sinister side to the ring, and whether they pull it off only time will tell.


Where on earth did Angry Birds come from? One day I was a happy 14-year-old playing Bloons on Bebo… and then something else came along and stole the internet game throne. In case you’ve been kidnapped by green pigs for the last few years, Angry Birds – at its basic – is levels of firing (angry) birds of different varieties at structures and barricades made by green pigs. The aim is to basically hit the pigs and destroy them, whilst making as much destruction as possible to gain more points.

It’s a very strange game concept, but is now so huge there is now a Star Wars version out. Which I am currently addicted to. I downloaded mine for Windows 8 for £3.49, but can be found cheaper on most other platforms (although I think at lower prices extra levels are paid for later at additional cost).

Han Solo and Chewbacca feature in the game

I had my doubts, but the game is actually worth the price. It feels well thought out and the game is in depth and will certainly take up your time. What works best for the theme is the added extras to give it the Star Wars edge. All the birds have particular moves to fit their character that mainly are not featured on other versions – such as a lightsaber attack from Luke, use of the Force from Obi Wan and Han Solo with a laser gun. Oh, and the piggies have guns too. You gain extra characters as you progress further, and R2-D2 and C3PO start off in the bonus levels.

But what makes the game interesting, and decidedly harder, is the level formats. Mainly the introduction of orbits in space. This is where you fire you bird and it enters an orbit, circling around until either gravity or an obstacle forces it to crash into the middle. Some of these orbit levels have very particular tactics that need working out, and if you just can’t get that line of fire right then you are stuck…! There is also the Darth Vader pigs, which add a further element through having to destroy Vader to deactivate his force and release hovering items, most of the time landing on explosive boxes (which is handy). These levels do not make it easy to get to Darth Vader most of time, and require a lot of trial and error to find the perfect strategy.

Overall, the game is addictive and as light-hearted as the rest of them, but I really enjoyed the added Star Wars features. One niggly thing is the lack of zooming out, which I like to do, and Luke makes an annoying noise when you fire him – but apart from that the gameplay is great. The trickier levels make the game last its worth and time, whilst the easier levels don’t make you lose faith in the game. Hopefully the upgrades will continue to bring out more sets of levels, which will add to the lasting appeal overall. The extra thought and detail to bring the Star Wars elements in fully fill out the game and the gameplay experience. The theme has been considered and not just thrown in for the cash-in, which I really like.

I would recommend this game, even if it’s just to waste time on a train journey – I couldn’t think of a better way to waste it than firing an R2-D2 shaped bird and electrocuting some smirking pigs.

As mentioned in a previous post (and if you were paying attention) this fashion of the week comes to you from Memorabilia! Well, not exactly… but the inspiration has been taken from various stalls that were there and I have to share with you lovely people!

Superman dress by Kaotichandbag Geek Boutique

First up I found a stall by Kaotichandbag Geek Boutique, who make dresses, denim jackets, skirts, cushion covers and more out of vintage fabric designs. There are even bibs to get the little ones started early! The above Superman dress was at the Memorabilia, but I really love the Marvel comic cover dress, below. They are a tad expensive, this one being £65, but are stunning – especially after seeing them for real. Unfortunately this one only comes in one (smaller) size, which does limit it. I also adore the Star Wars cushions, they combine my love of geek and retro all in one! And would look so cool with any home decor.

Marvel Comic Covers Dress from Kaotichandbag. £65.

A selection of Canvas Warrior shoes at Memorabilia

The next stall I have selected is Canvas Warriors, who make custom hand painted Converse shoes and hoodies to any design you wish. The shoes are stated to be completely durable and waterproof, so you can truly wear them with pride! I love the Sailor Moon ones, below. The shoes are made to a design completely requested by you, and hand-painted as you wish. They cost roughly £105 depending on particular orders, which is expensive but is for the sheer amount of time spent on them and authentic Converse. They also sell charm bracelets with geek inspired charms which you buy separately. I actually own one of these! But my Mockingjay and tree of Gondor fell off so I keep it safe now.

Sailor Moon hand-painted Converse.

Handbags from Lucy Liz

Finally in this glorious special post, we have these hand stitched handbags from Lucy Liz. I absolutely adore these bags. They are so vibrant and stylish, and again mix that retro theme with good old-fashioned geekery. The handy size means that they would be perfect for any occasion, and the chain means it adapts from clutch to handbag. I particularly like the Batgirl one, below, as all the designs are composed so well and the focus on the one character really makes them stand out against some other similar bags from other companies.

Batgirl Handbag from Lucy Liz. £39.

Batman and Robin pose for a photo

This weekend (24th and 25th November) was another Memorabilia event at the NEC in Birmingham. The event was by itself, without the Expo, but didn’t mean it was any less jam-packed and amazing!

The amount of stalls and goodies on offer selling wonderful things, from collectibles to handmade items, meant there was plenty of on offer to everyone of all ages. I even managed to tick off my mum’s and brother’s christmas presents for reasonable bargains (I can’t tell you what I bought though in case they read this!) I was a tad sad that I couldn’t afford anything for myself this time around, but there was plenty there for me to day-dream over. In particular I loved the Big Chief stall, that included such beautifully life-like Doctor Who figures. There were plenty of other stalls there too ranging from handmade jewellery, artwork, figurines, film posters or a vintage ewok. Expect a Memorabilia inspired fashion of the week post very soon!

I also loved the RPF stand, where they had a gorgeous display of prop replicas for people to just come and admire. My particular favourite were the Terminator props, especially the frozen T-1000 – if I could have that in my future house I would be rather happy! (Dammit, I’d go without a sofa just to fit it in…)

I personally prefer going to the shows to see the stalls rather than the signings, but the Hoff himself was there along with a Only Fools and Horses mini reunion and various other TV and sport stars.

As they didn’t have a masquerade, I also really enjoyed the mini parades showing off the best cosplay of the day, and then the Star Wars characters brought in especially for the show.

The cosplay was also wonderful as usual, and I am determined to get myself a costume for one of the next shows! Maybe I’ll manage it for next year… watch this space…

Here are just a few more images from the day,

Parade of Star Wars characters

R2-D2 made an appearance, complete with sound effects!

T-1000 replica at the RPF stand

Pirate-fly* being held by Stormtroopers, who posed with fans throughout the day


First of all, I apologize whole-heartedly for missing out on last weeks fashion! I’m sure you all became blithering wrecks without my wisdom on wonderful finds for the week… (ahem).

Weeping Angel/ Silence Hoodie from Threadless. $49

So, because there has been a new trailer out for the Doctor Who christmas special this week, and because I feel christmassy, this week I have decided to do a Doctor Who theme! *vworp vworp*….

To kick off the search, I have discovered this wonderful hoodie (also available as a t-shirt) of a Weeping Angel and The Silence mash-up. If I had a bit more money I would be on this myself, but alas student funds don’t reach that far. Threadless hoodies are always top-notch quality with unique designs and this is a really clever (if creepy) design. The monochrome works even better and the indirect reference to Doctor Who makes that eye-catching statement.

Doctor Who inspired charm bracelet from Etsy. Approx £41.95

Next we take a more pretty route to this gorgeous Gallifreyan charm bracelet by urbanindustries on Etsy. Each charm is related to a Doctor Who episode even if it is a remote way, like a book for Silence in the Library. This is a beautiful piece of jewellery and works by itself, without the added bonus of a Doctor Who connection. The blue TARDIS stands out nicely and highlights the Doctor Who theme and makes that statement.

TARDIS christmas hat from Etsy. Approx £20.67

Still sticking with Etsy, we have this TARDIS christmas hat by Paskal. I think I may have mentioned that I love christmas, and what better way to spend christmas day than by watching the christmas special in this hat. There is no more need for the boring, standard red hat when you could have one like this! The fleece material looks wonderfully comfy and warm for the winter weather and would be something you could bring out year after year!

Eleventh Doctor bow tie from Amazon. £7.25

Finally,  no Doctor Who clothing would be complete without a wee memento from your favourite Doctor. Whilst Ten is the Doctor who got me into the show, he’s tying for first place with Eleven. So I found this bow tie, perfect for some Eleven cosplay, from Amazon. It comes pre-tied (so no fiddly business) and is good to go! Now all we need is a sonic screwdriver…

There’ll be more next week! And remember: please comment and leave suggestions/ requests, I’d love to hear from you guys!


Olly Moss’ Star Wars series of posters

Last night (16th November) I took a trip to Leeds to visit the White Cloth Gallery, where they had the opening of the “Mondo So Far” exhibition. This was curated by graphic designer Olly Moss on behalf of Mondo, whose members produce limited edition screen printed posters of classic and contemporary films, and is the first exhibition of its kind in the UK. The only disappointment of the night was not winning one of 10 signed copies of Olly’s “Silhouettes from Popular Culture” book or the golden ticket – where the winner received a print especially designed by Olly on a film of their choice. I suppose winning a Game of Thrones paperweight last year used up my winning luck for the next decade…

The Exhibition featured Olly’s work alongside other featured Mondo artists and will be there, free entry, from now until 2nd December 2012 – or you could also see Olly at the Thought Bubble comic con in Leeds today and tomorrow (17th and 18th November).

A selection of images as part of the exhibition

Although the work was of films of all genres, there a suitable mix of geek thrown in. All the work featured from the various artists was to such an awe-inspiring level and made me really wish I could produce something with even a smidgen of that talent! Another particular favourite artist of mine was Tyler Stout, whose posters of Star Wars and the Avengers I particularly loved. His style is so detailed and intricate, featuring such in-depth and thought out compositions. His illustration is amazing, and the images of the actors are extremely lifelike, whilst still sticking to Tyler’s main style.

Tyler Stout’s series of Star Wars posters

The Avengers poster, by Tyler Stout

There was also live painting from Best Joined Up at the event which was fascinating to watch, which then got auctioned off at the end of the night to raise money for Barnardo’s (half of each ticket price also went to Barnardo’s), plus there was a Q & A with Mondo Creative Director Justin Ishmael, Olly Moss and Jock which was informal but really interesting.

If anyone’s in or around Leeds in the next week or two, I would really recommend popping into the White Cloth Gallery. The exhibition is gorgeous to look at and admire all the talent and different styles to the film posters – it’s a must for fans of film, geek or beautiful design and illustration.

Live Painting from two members of houseofbetty

Batman posters by Olly Moss & Jock

Dracula poster by Vania Zouravliov

More live painting from the event, which featured eight artists altogether

Vintage Doctor Who poster, by Olly Moss – my favourite from the night

Me next to a Return of the Jedi poster by Olly Moss

In case you hadn’t noticed, I am a girl. And a geek. And proud.

Also in case you hadn’t noticed, there’s been some uproar in the media recently over the topic of geek girls – in particular one rant from Tony Harris (an artist behind such comics as Starman and Ex Machina). Here is just one excerpt from that rant, which also features appalling grammar and use of  ‘you’re’.

but dammit, dammit, dammit I am so sick and tired of the whole COSPLAY-Chiks. I know a few who are actually pretty cool-and BIG Shocker, love and read Comics.So as in all things, they are the exception to the rule. Heres the statement I wanna make, based on THE RULE: “Hey! Quasi-Pretty-NOT-Hot-Girl, you are more pathetic than the REAL Nerds, who YOU secretly think are REALLY PATHETIC.”

Just… what? Now, I don’t cosplay but I would love to. I do, however, fully appreciate the effort that cosplayers go to for their outfits and think they look wonderful – and even if the cosplay goes a bit wrong the confidence to stand out in the first place is awe-inspiring. Especially when you could get targeted like this. It is disgusting.

The general tone of Harris’ full rant is horrible. Even when referring to other, ‘cosplay-chicks’ he looks down on us, who are actually interested in comic books. Well rain fire and cheese on me, who would have thought girls could like comics?! You know, how do we have the time to read comics when busy making slutty costumes to attract all the virgin, socially awkward guys?

I am not really a feminist. I have seen plenty of girls in the geek domain, and even more guys who are accepting of that and don’t even bat an eyelid. IT IS NORMAL.

It reminds me of one week when I picked up the latest Before Watchmen (that time a Comedian issue) and took it to the counter of my local comic store. The guy at the checkout inquired as to which story I was enjoying most, to which I replied that I liked most of them but I was quite enjoying the Silk Spectre at that time. He nodded wisely and then said, “that’s interesting because we get a lot of guys in here and they all like Minutemen. They can’t stand Silk Spectre.”

Why should that be interesting? Why do we make a point of determining the differences of opinion between the genders? I liked Silk Spectre because of the simplistic but effective artwork, the spunky character of Laurie and the sense of impending doom surrounding her new-found freedom. I also greatly enjoy the other Before Watchmen stories and the Minutemen I really love too. Does that make my answer any less of a commentary on the girl’s perspective?

Why are we still getting reactions like this? I know girls who aren’t interested in ‘geek’ things, but not a single one of them would want to dress up as a scantily clad character they have never heard of just to get the attention of geek guys. And the ones that do dress up as a scantily clad character I admire for their courage, because they look better than I would and they do have knowledge of that character. Why would you waste money and time going to cons in cosplay if you had no interest in it?

But if a guy bulks himself up and wants to dress up as Batman (complete with accurate chest size and six-pack) is THAT acceptable? Especially if, hypothetically, the only knowledge of Batman he has is maybe watching one scene of Batman, Dark Knight. Surely that is just sexualisation to attract women and therefore the same as ‘cosplay chicks’?

For me, I am just happy wearing a Doctor Who T-shirt, always having my DS in my bag in case of Pokemon emergencies, and going to cons (with my boyfriend – i.e not looking for ANY attention) with my purple Harley Quinn converse as my most daring clothing item. Why can’t that just be acceptable? AND I DO NOT HAVE BIG BLACK GLASSES OR PLAY VIDEO GAMES IN MY UNDERWEAR.

I do not wear/ own glasses like this. Or pout/ have a socially awkward general expression. But type “geek girl” into google images and this is what you get in various degrees.

Maybe I can’t recite every type of spaceship from Star Wars, or claim to like Star Trek (sorry guys) but I know what I enjoy, and I know what hobbies I have. And to me, it is classed as geeky. What is the problem with that?

What are your opinions on this? Geek girl or guy, get in touch! I’d love to debate this topic…

I’m feeling a bit Christmassy today. For no particular reason really, but I just love this time of year and will be using it to it’s full blogging potential.

The christmas decorations, the repeats of all Christmas films including the typical runs of all Harry Potters and Star Wars, the christmas adverts, the music… and of course presents!

So I want to know, anything geeky on your letters to Santa this year? Leave me a comment, let’s share in Christmas wonder together! I shall share you a snippet of mine…

Harley Quinn Bishoujo statue

– Brave soundtrack & DVD

– Pokemon Black Version

“Geek Wisdom – The Secret Teachings of Nerd Culture”

– Assassin’s Creed 3. (As an incentive to stop me buying it now when I have limited student funds)

– Game of Thrones book collection & DVDs

– Marvel Monopoly

“Spectrum 19 (The Best in Fantastical Art)

– And a whole load of Lego. Highlights being the Hogwarts Castle and the Battle of Helm’s Deep.

What geeky wonders are on your wishlist? Leave a comment! And I don’t care if it is early – embrace christmas!!

This was a very quick wee post, but this friday I shall be visiting an exhibition opening curated by Olly Moss. He is a designer who creates fantastic film, gaming and general geeky posters and wonderful things (his Star Wars set being a favourite of mine) and has recently released a book on Silhouettes in Popular Culture. I will most definitely leave a post about that, so keep your eyes peeled!

I felt that in light of recent geeky news, this week it would only be fitting to concentrate on Star Wars themed items!

Chewbacca robe with hood from Forbidden Planet. £45.

First of all, we have this Chewbacca robe from Forbidden Planet! They come in a range that is even bigger than just the Star Wars inspired ones. This one isn’t to be released until December, so would make a perfect Christmas present to snuggle up with over winter. I love the added hood for extra warmth, and who wouldn’t want to be as cuddly as a Wookie?

Star Wars Full Skirt Dress from Etsy. $95 or approx £61.05.

Next we head over to Etsy for this full skirt Star Wars dress by Re-Stitch Retro. The simplicity of the design works really well, and the lines created by the triangle pleat effect makes this dress really stand out.

Storm Trooper Lounge Pants from Amazon. £10.99 – £13.89

Continuing the comfy clothing, we have these Storm Trooper lounge pants from Amazon. Imagine, if you will, coming home from a days work, lighting the fire and dressing in these trousers with the Chewbacca robe. Surely winter can’t get better than that?

Darth Vader Mask from Forbidden Planet. £5.99.

Last but not least, no Star Wars clothing collection would be complete without a Darth Vader mask, no? Like this one from Forbidden Planet. For those days when you wake up late with greasy hair and no time for a shower or make up application. Now there’s no need to worry! Although convincing your employer that the Darth Vader mask will increase productivity in the company might take slightly more effort…

Remember – suggestions and requests are much appreciated! Or just a general comment, let me know what you think!

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