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So I got the results back on this here blog, and I good a nice solid first! It’s the highest mark I’ve ever got in a university module, so I am rather chuffed. And my lecturer even said my writing is “fabulous”. JRR Tolkein, eat your heart out.

But being serious, I did work hard at this blog and I loved every minute of it. Which is why this has given me even more incentive to carry it on further, as I do like to write things… even if I doubt anyone reads it.

To celebrate this news, here a gorgeous drawing of a Vaporeon I am now the proud owner of. It was drawn by third year Illustration student Delyth Thomas at a recent exhibition, and was drawn right there on the day for me. I chose Vaporeon because I’ve always been a huge fan of Eevee, back before her evolutions reached silly numbers. And as a wee girlie, Vaporeon was my favourite. She’s beautiful, just like this drawing! Next up will be a quick post on the MCM Telford, so hang around!

Vaporeon drawing by Delyth Thomas

Vaporeon drawing by Delyth Thomas


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