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Instead of a geek fashion of the week, this bumper edition I decided to do a general Christmas presents list for that last dash of inspiration for all budgets! Whether all you need is a stocking-filler, or you haven’t even started your shopping yet, hopefully this post will inspire your winter spirit.

Christmas Day Outfits:
As this is a recurring fashion themed thing, lets start with planning what you need to have your Christmas day in style – or maybe you just fancy some new inspiration on the another-M&S-jumper-for-that-uncle.

Boba Fett dress from Black Milk Clothing. Approx £84.60

First of all, how about a treat for yourself, or the lady in your life? Black Milk Clothing have a wonderful range of Star Wars dresses and leggings which are stylish, unique AND sexy. I particularly love the R2-D2 and the stormtrooper dresses, but the ewok one is sure to be a hit too! There are also swimsuits which would look gorgeous tucked into a plain skirt. They are a tad expensive and bought in Australian Dollars, but it’s Christmas! Go treat yourself and flaunt that figure.

AT-AT Christmas Jumper! From ebay – £27.95

Now, we all know that one uncle that always gets jumpers. Nice, normally plain blue jumpers from Marks and Sparks. So how about we throw out the wild card and get him this beauty from ebay? It’s a lovely, snuggly Christmas jumper featuring AT-ATs. Now all he would need is a warm toasty fire and mulled wine. It also comes in a varied grey design, if you fancied doing His and Hers with your man – what could be snugglier on Christmas day?

Batman Robe from We Love Fine. Approx £27.16

When opening presents on Christmas morning, I like to do it cosy and in my pyjamas. What better way is there than to have this Batman robe from We Love Fine complete with bat-eared hood? You could pair it with this Batman nightshirt, or even provide a Christmas treat of a different variety with Batgirl and Wonderwoman corsets.

That Big Present
We all have to get at least one big present for at least one person. Here are some of the best, extravagant and slightly expensive presents I found to really show you care for that special person.

TARDIS system from Scan Computers. £935.99

First up we have the biggest splash of all – this glorious (and gloriously expensive) computer tower designed as the TARDIS. It is made from over 45 sheets of aluminium, which is painted in the TARDIS blue, so you know it’s a good quality casing. I especially love how the Police Box sign becomes the disc tray! It is also exclusively made in the UK and licensed by the BBC, so that’s where the money comes in. Now, it is VERY expensive and if I’m honest the specs don’t look brilliant considering that price. However, if you have that cash to spend, or you know someone savvy enough to put together your own tower in this quality, then here is the perfect inspiration.

Poison Ivy statuette. £279.90

This beauty is not released until 15 February 2013, but the Poison Ivy statuette is sure to be something any fan could wait for. If I had the funds, I would not hesitate to purchase this as personally I think it is the best Poison Ivy statue I have seen. The posing and the detailing of the face are an impressive and gorgeous combination. She is hand-painted and stands at 21 inches tall, making her very much worth the money. Or if you fancy something different, I also adore this Batman vs Bane statue as from the Dark Knight Rises film. The detail on it is purely beautiful, and the posing again makes this piece stand out and is sure to be a talking point. This one is £292.46 and stands at 16.5 inches tall.

Star Trek Insignia engagement ring from Etsy. Approx £315.70

Finally, if there are any guys out there who are planning a very special Christmas surprise for that Trekkie girlfriend, then here is a perfect solution. Handmade by VaLaJewellery on Etsy, this ring of the Star Trek insignia contains a white sapphire in 14k white gold and sterling silver. VaLaJewellery also have these beautiful Imperial insignia and Stargate SG-1 inspired designs.

Stocking Fillers:
Now that you have hopefully been inspired a bit more, here are a couple of things from Forbidden Planet to fill in the wee gaps in your present buying, or if you fancy a nice treat for yourself.

Game of Thrones Stein. £12.99

What house are you? There are an excellent range of Game of Thrones steins and mugs featuring the house insignias, this one being the Targaryen insignia. Each design contains the image and the house motto – perfect for laying down the house law on Christmas day, or sorting out house dominance whilst the whole family are gathered.

An interesting alternative is to introduce your present receiver to Magic the Gathering with these intro packs – the wonderful classic card game, or maybe boost up the decks they already have. At that cheap price you could buy yourself a pack and spend Christmas day playing games in style. I will probably post about Magic again at some point, because I absolutely adore this game and everyone should learn it now! Especially girls.

Hope you enjoyed this special edition! Have a merry present hunting, and remember to send in those suggestions and requests!


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