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R2-D2 wishes you a Merry Christmas!

R2-D2 wishes you a Merry Christmas!

MERRY CHRISTMAS TO YOU ALL! This is my first Christmas here as a blogger and it’s all very exciting. Christmas is my favourite time of year and apart from the Carbon Monoxide alarm being set off at 6am it’s been a good day. So, the most important question, what wonderful geekery did everyone get from Santa this year?

I shall share a snippet of my geeky highlights. The main one being a wonderful Bishoujo Harley Quinn statuette, which is gorgeous. There’s also a Hermione string doll, Lego Lord of the Rings console game (which hasn’t arrived yet), an Anne Stokes calendar, 2 fabulous drawings off my brother and a Nintendo 3DS. Which I fully intend to get the latest Pokemon and Kingdom Hearts for.

My Harley Quinn and Hermione

My Harley Quinn and Hermione

And my mum painted me a Doctor Who painting, which she hasn’t finished yet. But here’s a snippet!

Amy Pond and Doctor Who by Michelle Szulc

Amy Pond and Doctor Who by Michelle Szulc

What geeky presents did you get this year? I’d love the hear from you, and probably cry with jealousy.

My presents!

The geeky side of my presents!



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