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The best part of Christmas is the presents. But the second best part is Doctor Who. Aliens, time travel and lots of snow… the stuff of dreams.

At first, I felt the pang of nostalgia hit with the snazzy new title credits with a slightly different tune and effect – there are new title credits, which nicely revert back to the electronica sound and feel of the early series’, and a new TARDIS, which is made even better with the larger use of the Gallifreyan symbols. This really was the end of the Ponds. However, as it is Christmas, excitement won me over.

The episode features a Victorian fairy-tale escapade against some scary snowmen, and this was also the introduction of the new companion Clara (Jenna-Louise Coleman), after we last saw her as Oswin the Dalek. Clara returned to the easy banter with the Doctor that won our hearts last time. She’s curious, confident, clever and witty – the perfect mix for any companion. By the time you get to the end of the episode the intrigue writer Steven Moffat has built around her has certainly fully peaked the excitement for the new season. I won’t spoil it but you end up with more questions than when you started the episode, which is saying a lot. Although that is classic Moffat Doctor Who.

The scenery of Victorian england is gorgeous, and fits the Christmas theme beautifully. The new look for the Doctor with his top hat and ragged coat is seamlessly perfect. I am so glad the series is back, and the moment Clara saw the TARDIS for the first time and the theme kicked in – you knew you were home.

There are a few niggles. The snowmen were suitably scary, but overall I felt they didn’t convince me in the larger plot, despite bringing back the Great Intelligence. The creepy Victorian presence of Richard E Grant as the main villain felt underused and could have really been utilised better. The plot also felt a bit too sugary and emotional to the point where it started to feel forced. Normally, this would amount to disappointment but all this I can easily overlook in the name of Christmas spirit – as that is exactly what it is there for.

The Doctor Who christmas special would not be the same without a family’s tears saving the day or the story being a little overlooked in favour of pulling on the heartstrings. And if the chemistry between Clara and the Doctor is anything to go by in this episode, feel free to pull on the heartstrings a bit more.



First of all, I apologize whole-heartedly for missing out on last weeks fashion! I’m sure you all became blithering wrecks without my wisdom on wonderful finds for the week… (ahem).

Weeping Angel/ Silence Hoodie from Threadless. $49

So, because there has been a new trailer out for the Doctor Who christmas special this week, and because I feel christmassy, this week I have decided to do a Doctor Who theme! *vworp vworp*….

To kick off the search, I have discovered this wonderful hoodie (also available as a t-shirt) of a Weeping Angel and The Silence mash-up. If I had a bit more money I would be on this myself, but alas student funds don’t reach that far. Threadless hoodies are always top-notch quality with unique designs and this is a really clever (if creepy) design. The monochrome works even better and the indirect reference to Doctor Who makes that eye-catching statement.

Doctor Who inspired charm bracelet from Etsy. Approx £41.95

Next we take a more pretty route to this gorgeous Gallifreyan charm bracelet by urbanindustries on Etsy. Each charm is related to a Doctor Who episode even if it is a remote way, like a book for Silence in the Library. This is a beautiful piece of jewellery and works by itself, without the added bonus of a Doctor Who connection. The blue TARDIS stands out nicely and highlights the Doctor Who theme and makes that statement.

TARDIS christmas hat from Etsy. Approx £20.67

Still sticking with Etsy, we have this TARDIS christmas hat by Paskal. I think I may have mentioned that I love christmas, and what better way to spend christmas day than by watching the christmas special in this hat. There is no more need for the boring, standard red hat when you could have one like this! The fleece material looks wonderfully comfy and warm for the winter weather and would be something you could bring out year after year!

Eleventh Doctor bow tie from Amazon. £7.25

Finally,  no Doctor Who clothing would be complete without a wee memento from your favourite Doctor. Whilst Ten is the Doctor who got me into the show, he’s tying for first place with Eleven. So I found this bow tie, perfect for some Eleven cosplay, from Amazon. It comes pre-tied (so no fiddly business) and is good to go! Now all we need is a sonic screwdriver…

There’ll be more next week! And remember: please comment and leave suggestions/ requests, I’d love to hear from you guys!


This week I have chosen a different path and will concentrate my findings on the Threadless website. I would recommend this site to anyone who wants clothing designs with a difference, as they are created by professional designers and illustrators. They have t-shirts, hoodies, bags and accessories all with a special twist through fun designs or beautiful illustrations. The site does have american dollar pricing, but you can still purchase through the UK and it will convert it for you. Shipping will also be an added cost.

“Impasse” iPhone case (also available as hoodie and t-shirt) from $20

I adore this “Impasse” design by Verso. It is inspired by the Black Knight from Monty Python and the Holy Grail, and Gandalf from Lord of the Rings (in case you hadn’t noticed already!) I love the mash-up of this design, playing on the classic quotes “you shall not pass” and “none shall pass”, both amusing in their own rights. The contrast between the serious tone of the actual image and the amusement of its message makes this design really appealing.

“Old, Old Friend” design, available in t-shirt or iPhone from $12.95

Next I have chosen this design created by Rocco Rabar. The vintage twist on this is really effective and adds that comical edge when paired with Wolverine, or “Wolvie”. This simple design would be quite eye-catching and makes a nice play on the tough-guy image of Wolverine – it is a really inspired twist!

“Zombies in Wonderland” available in a t-shirt and hoodie, from $12.95

Now it is time for some kick ass girl action, with this Alice in Wonderland design by Alice X Zhang and Donald Lim. The illustration of this is beautifully done and the colours are gorgeous. It is surprising how well Alice fits into her Wonderland zombie slayer mode and the menacing Cheshire Cat adds that nice touch.

“Doctor – Hoo” available in t-shirt and hoodie, from $20

And finally I could not leave out this adorable Doctor Who themed design by Mallory Dyer. It features all eleven of the Doctor incarnations as little owls, what could be cuter! Owls are a big trend at the moment, and when you mix them with Doctor Who you know this design should be a winner. The simplicity of the concept shines through but the subtle details in each owl are what makes this design successful.

Remember to check back next week! Also, if anyone has any suggestions or requests for the fashion of the week, just leave me a comment! I will do my best.

“I hate endings”. So do I, Doctor. So do I. (And possibly a vast majority of the Whovian world after that episode).

The ending was glorious. It could be argued that what Doctor Who always does well is endings. From Rose being trapped in a parallel universe, Donna unable to remember the Doctor to David Tennant’s “I don’t want to go”, they always pull off the raw emotion that is at the heart of the series.

And The Angels Take Manhattan was no exception. We have grown up with Amelia Pond, the girl who waited. We have been with her through childhood dreams, her wedding, emotional motherhood and ultimately her farewell. She heralded the new Doctor Who alongside Matt Smith and she certainly did bring her own element to Doctor Who. Amy was feisty, knew her own mind and was a wonderful best friend for the eleventh Doctor. What made her leaving even more emotional was the fact she went with Rory. The Ponds were always destined to stick together and it was so fitting how they remained as one through the ending. Amy’s character has been through a lot over her series’, but the way she stood next to Rory when the angels came to take him said it all – it brought home who Amy is and what she stands for. The Amelia Pond we all know.

Obvious scenes stand out for pulling on the heart strings. The roof scene, the park banter and ultimately Amy’s farewell and voiceover. All the actors were outstanding in this episode, even Rory (who, let’s be honest, has some wishy washy dialogue in the past) had really meat to play with in this episode. The writing was genuine and real and the writers were constantly using their clever sense of fore-shadowing. I even appreciated River here as she was kept toned down and did not steal the show, as it might have been.

There were flaws. The premise seemed too large, but after the quick ending of last week’s episode, it was good that this episode was carried through efficiently. The angels were handled differently, which was refreshing if maybe not to their full potential. Based on the creatures alone it did not stand up to previous weeping angel episodes, which is a shame considering the scale and gravitas behind this. How did the angels control non-angel statues? Although the introduction of cherubs was genius and delightful – if intensely creepy.

There were also plot holes (surely the Statue of Liberty had plenty of time to move whilst Amy and Rory argued, plus someone must have seen it move in the first place), and further explanation of how the farm idea worked would have been appreciated – how did they draw on time energy if they seemingly only sent victims back once?

But let’s be honest, that’s not what this episode was about. In years and episodes to come we won’t care about explanations of the Statue of Liberty. We will be looking back on the journey the Ponds shared, and how they grew as characters alongside the Eleventh Doctor – giving heart and power behind the Moffat era Who. Amelia Pond, the girl who waited, you will wait no more.

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