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Instead of a geek fashion of the week, this bumper edition I decided to do a general Christmas presents list for that last dash of inspiration for all budgets! Whether all you need is a stocking-filler, or you haven’t even started your shopping yet, hopefully this post will inspire your winter spirit.

Christmas Day Outfits:
As this is a recurring fashion themed thing, lets start with planning what you need to have your Christmas day in style – or maybe you just fancy some new inspiration on the another-M&S-jumper-for-that-uncle.

Boba Fett dress from Black Milk Clothing. Approx £84.60

First of all, how about a treat for yourself, or the lady in your life? Black Milk Clothing have a wonderful range of Star Wars dresses and leggings which are stylish, unique AND sexy. I particularly love the R2-D2 and the stormtrooper dresses, but the ewok one is sure to be a hit too! There are also swimsuits which would look gorgeous tucked into a plain skirt. They are a tad expensive and bought in Australian Dollars, but it’s Christmas! Go treat yourself and flaunt that figure.

AT-AT Christmas Jumper! From ebay – £27.95

Now, we all know that one uncle that always gets jumpers. Nice, normally plain blue jumpers from Marks and Sparks. So how about we throw out the wild card and get him this beauty from ebay? It’s a lovely, snuggly Christmas jumper featuring AT-ATs. Now all he would need is a warm toasty fire and mulled wine. It also comes in a varied grey design, if you fancied doing His and Hers with your man – what could be snugglier on Christmas day?

Batman Robe from We Love Fine. Approx £27.16

When opening presents on Christmas morning, I like to do it cosy and in my pyjamas. What better way is there than to have this Batman robe from We Love Fine complete with bat-eared hood? You could pair it with this Batman nightshirt, or even provide a Christmas treat of a different variety with Batgirl and Wonderwoman corsets.

That Big Present
We all have to get at least one big present for at least one person. Here are some of the best, extravagant and slightly expensive presents I found to really show you care for that special person.

TARDIS system from Scan Computers. £935.99

First up we have the biggest splash of all – this glorious (and gloriously expensive) computer tower designed as the TARDIS. It is made from over 45 sheets of aluminium, which is painted in the TARDIS blue, so you know it’s a good quality casing. I especially love how the Police Box sign becomes the disc tray! It is also exclusively made in the UK and licensed by the BBC, so that’s where the money comes in. Now, it is VERY expensive and if I’m honest the specs don’t look brilliant considering that price. However, if you have that cash to spend, or you know someone savvy enough to put together your own tower in this quality, then here is the perfect inspiration.

Poison Ivy statuette. £279.90

This beauty is not released until 15 February 2013, but the Poison Ivy statuette is sure to be something any fan could wait for. If I had the funds, I would not hesitate to purchase this as personally I think it is the best Poison Ivy statue I have seen. The posing and the detailing of the face are an impressive and gorgeous combination. She is hand-painted and stands at 21 inches tall, making her very much worth the money. Or if you fancy something different, I also adore this Batman vs Bane statue as from the Dark Knight Rises film. The detail on it is purely beautiful, and the posing again makes this piece stand out and is sure to be a talking point. This one is £292.46 and stands at 16.5 inches tall.

Star Trek Insignia engagement ring from Etsy. Approx £315.70

Finally, if there are any guys out there who are planning a very special Christmas surprise for that Trekkie girlfriend, then here is a perfect solution. Handmade by VaLaJewellery on Etsy, this ring of the Star Trek insignia contains a white sapphire in 14k white gold and sterling silver. VaLaJewellery also have these beautiful Imperial insignia and Stargate SG-1 inspired designs.

Stocking Fillers:
Now that you have hopefully been inspired a bit more, here are a couple of things from Forbidden Planet to fill in the wee gaps in your present buying, or if you fancy a nice treat for yourself.

Game of Thrones Stein. £12.99

What house are you? There are an excellent range of Game of Thrones steins and mugs featuring the house insignias, this one being the Targaryen insignia. Each design contains the image and the house motto – perfect for laying down the house law on Christmas day, or sorting out house dominance whilst the whole family are gathered.

An interesting alternative is to introduce your present receiver to Magic the Gathering with these intro packs – the wonderful classic card game, or maybe boost up the decks they already have. At that cheap price you could buy yourself a pack and spend Christmas day playing games in style. I will probably post about Magic again at some point, because I absolutely adore this game and everyone should learn it now! Especially girls.

Hope you enjoyed this special edition! Have a merry present hunting, and remember to send in those suggestions and requests!


Oooo it’s 12/12/12 for this edition of Fashion of the Week! And because it is (as mentioned before) Hobbit Week this edition will be inspired by all things Middle Earth! (I do apologize if you’re not a Hobbit fan, it’ll end soon…) And although I unfortunately can’t offer goodies like this gorgeous Middle Earth map dress cosplayed at DragonCon (below) and found on Flickr, I can try my hardest to bring you other lovely nuggets to purchase.

Taken by Matt & Kristy on Flickr

Epic Beards t-shirt from ThinkGeek. Starting at $19.99.

First up we have this t-shirt from ThinkGeek, featuring the beards of the dwarves! Although it is American, they do ship to the UK and at $19.99 that would be approx £12.40 (excluding posting and customs charges). This t-shirt would be worth it though – even if it is just to keep track of which dwarf is which during the film, maybe adding post-it notes to their faces. Or you could casually admire the different styles to grow your own beard into one of these masterpieces…

Dwarven Beard hat! From ThinkGeek, $44.99.

…Or if you find it hard to grow that beard, or don’t have the patience, here is an alternative! These dwarven beard hats, again from ThinkGeek, at approximately £27.89. Perfect for those men who can’t grow their beards to dwarfish goodness, or for women who fancy a new look. I wouldn’t recommend this as an everyday piece, but it would certainly keep you warm through the midnight screening.

Lord of the Rings pullover from Etsy. Approx £28.65

Now we head over to Etsy for this Lord of the Rings pullover, featuring the characters of the fellowship. I love the simplicity of this, and it shows your love for all things Middle Earth without making it so obvious. I could see this in a larger size paired with coloured leggings and boots for casual style. I would wear this myself as it makes a geek statement but still maintaining that style.

Evenstar bracelet from Forbidden Planet. £206.99.

Finally, how about some Christmas sparkle and a bit of bling? Here is a beautiful Evenstar bracelet from Forbidden Planet, where you can also find separate pendant and earrings to go with it (unfortunately that latter two are currently sold out). The bracelet will be released on 30 January 2013, and is made of sterling silver and set with genuine crystals. It is extremely expensive, but for that stand out piece of jewellery for the Christmas period, it would make a subtle but gorgeous geek statement at any party. And what better time of year to buy some bling?

The Hobbit fun will continue with a review of the film later in the week, so keep tuned in for that! After that, it’ll be back to normal – I promise. Remember, if you have any requests or recommendations for the Fashion of the Week, drop me a line! I’d love to hear from you.

As mentioned in a previous post (and if you were paying attention) this fashion of the week comes to you from Memorabilia! Well, not exactly… but the inspiration has been taken from various stalls that were there and I have to share with you lovely people!

Superman dress by Kaotichandbag Geek Boutique

First up I found a stall by Kaotichandbag Geek Boutique, who make dresses, denim jackets, skirts, cushion covers and more out of vintage fabric designs. There are even bibs to get the little ones started early! The above Superman dress was at the Memorabilia, but I really love the Marvel comic cover dress, below. They are a tad expensive, this one being £65, but are stunning – especially after seeing them for real. Unfortunately this one only comes in one (smaller) size, which does limit it. I also adore the Star Wars cushions, they combine my love of geek and retro all in one! And would look so cool with any home decor.

Marvel Comic Covers Dress from Kaotichandbag. £65.

A selection of Canvas Warrior shoes at Memorabilia

The next stall I have selected is Canvas Warriors, who make custom hand painted Converse shoes and hoodies to any design you wish. The shoes are stated to be completely durable and waterproof, so you can truly wear them with pride! I love the Sailor Moon ones, below. The shoes are made to a design completely requested by you, and hand-painted as you wish. They cost roughly £105 depending on particular orders, which is expensive but is for the sheer amount of time spent on them and authentic Converse. They also sell charm bracelets with geek inspired charms which you buy separately. I actually own one of these! But my Mockingjay and tree of Gondor fell off so I keep it safe now.

Sailor Moon hand-painted Converse.

Handbags from Lucy Liz

Finally in this glorious special post, we have these hand stitched handbags from Lucy Liz. I absolutely adore these bags. They are so vibrant and stylish, and again mix that retro theme with good old-fashioned geekery. The handy size means that they would be perfect for any occasion, and the chain means it adapts from clutch to handbag. I particularly like the Batgirl one, below, as all the designs are composed so well and the focus on the one character really makes them stand out against some other similar bags from other companies.

Batgirl Handbag from Lucy Liz. £39.

First of all, I apologize whole-heartedly for missing out on last weeks fashion! I’m sure you all became blithering wrecks without my wisdom on wonderful finds for the week… (ahem).

Weeping Angel/ Silence Hoodie from Threadless. $49

So, because there has been a new trailer out for the Doctor Who christmas special this week, and because I feel christmassy, this week I have decided to do a Doctor Who theme! *vworp vworp*….

To kick off the search, I have discovered this wonderful hoodie (also available as a t-shirt) of a Weeping Angel and The Silence mash-up. If I had a bit more money I would be on this myself, but alas student funds don’t reach that far. Threadless hoodies are always top-notch quality with unique designs and this is a really clever (if creepy) design. The monochrome works even better and the indirect reference to Doctor Who makes that eye-catching statement.

Doctor Who inspired charm bracelet from Etsy. Approx £41.95

Next we take a more pretty route to this gorgeous Gallifreyan charm bracelet by urbanindustries on Etsy. Each charm is related to a Doctor Who episode even if it is a remote way, like a book for Silence in the Library. This is a beautiful piece of jewellery and works by itself, without the added bonus of a Doctor Who connection. The blue TARDIS stands out nicely and highlights the Doctor Who theme and makes that statement.

TARDIS christmas hat from Etsy. Approx £20.67

Still sticking with Etsy, we have this TARDIS christmas hat by Paskal. I think I may have mentioned that I love christmas, and what better way to spend christmas day than by watching the christmas special in this hat. There is no more need for the boring, standard red hat when you could have one like this! The fleece material looks wonderfully comfy and warm for the winter weather and would be something you could bring out year after year!

Eleventh Doctor bow tie from Amazon. £7.25

Finally,  no Doctor Who clothing would be complete without a wee memento from your favourite Doctor. Whilst Ten is the Doctor who got me into the show, he’s tying for first place with Eleven. So I found this bow tie, perfect for some Eleven cosplay, from Amazon. It comes pre-tied (so no fiddly business) and is good to go! Now all we need is a sonic screwdriver…

There’ll be more next week! And remember: please comment and leave suggestions/ requests, I’d love to hear from you guys!


I felt that in light of recent geeky news, this week it would only be fitting to concentrate on Star Wars themed items!

Chewbacca robe with hood from Forbidden Planet. £45.

First of all, we have this Chewbacca robe from Forbidden Planet! They come in a range that is even bigger than just the Star Wars inspired ones. This one isn’t to be released until December, so would make a perfect Christmas present to snuggle up with over winter. I love the added hood for extra warmth, and who wouldn’t want to be as cuddly as a Wookie?

Star Wars Full Skirt Dress from Etsy. $95 or approx £61.05.

Next we head over to Etsy for this full skirt Star Wars dress by Re-Stitch Retro. The simplicity of the design works really well, and the lines created by the triangle pleat effect makes this dress really stand out.

Storm Trooper Lounge Pants from Amazon. £10.99 – £13.89

Continuing the comfy clothing, we have these Storm Trooper lounge pants from Amazon. Imagine, if you will, coming home from a days work, lighting the fire and dressing in these trousers with the Chewbacca robe. Surely winter can’t get better than that?

Darth Vader Mask from Forbidden Planet. £5.99.

Last but not least, no Star Wars clothing collection would be complete without a Darth Vader mask, no? Like this one from Forbidden Planet. For those days when you wake up late with greasy hair and no time for a shower or make up application. Now there’s no need to worry! Although convincing your employer that the Darth Vader mask will increase productivity in the company might take slightly more effort…

Remember – suggestions and requests are much appreciated! Or just a general comment, let me know what you think!

This week I have chosen a different path and will concentrate my findings on the Threadless website. I would recommend this site to anyone who wants clothing designs with a difference, as they are created by professional designers and illustrators. They have t-shirts, hoodies, bags and accessories all with a special twist through fun designs or beautiful illustrations. The site does have american dollar pricing, but you can still purchase through the UK and it will convert it for you. Shipping will also be an added cost.

“Impasse” iPhone case (also available as hoodie and t-shirt) from $20

I adore this “Impasse” design by Verso. It is inspired by the Black Knight from Monty Python and the Holy Grail, and Gandalf from Lord of the Rings (in case you hadn’t noticed already!) I love the mash-up of this design, playing on the classic quotes “you shall not pass” and “none shall pass”, both amusing in their own rights. The contrast between the serious tone of the actual image and the amusement of its message makes this design really appealing.

“Old, Old Friend” design, available in t-shirt or iPhone from $12.95

Next I have chosen this design created by Rocco Rabar. The vintage twist on this is really effective and adds that comical edge when paired with Wolverine, or “Wolvie”. This simple design would be quite eye-catching and makes a nice play on the tough-guy image of Wolverine – it is a really inspired twist!

“Zombies in Wonderland” available in a t-shirt and hoodie, from $12.95

Now it is time for some kick ass girl action, with this Alice in Wonderland design by Alice X Zhang and Donald Lim. The illustration of this is beautifully done and the colours are gorgeous. It is surprising how well Alice fits into her Wonderland zombie slayer mode and the menacing Cheshire Cat adds that nice touch.

“Doctor – Hoo” available in t-shirt and hoodie, from $20

And finally I could not leave out this adorable Doctor Who themed design by Mallory Dyer. It features all eleven of the Doctor incarnations as little owls, what could be cuter! Owls are a big trend at the moment, and when you mix them with Doctor Who you know this design should be a winner. The simplicity of the concept shines through but the subtle details in each owl are what makes this design successful.

Remember to check back next week! Also, if anyone has any suggestions or requests for the fashion of the week, just leave me a comment! I will do my best.

As we build up to Halloween, us geeks feels it is a perfect excuse to dress up as our favourite characters and completely get away with it. So that is why this week I shall be concentrating on a Halloween theme, with a wee bit of good ol’ dressing up thrown in! I have looked especially to the Forbidden Planet “Halloween Shop of Horrors” for inspiration.

I shall begin this with some clear-cut zombie action. If your plan of action against a zombie invasion is to take inspiration from Shaun of the Dead and try to blend in with the infected, then these gems from Forbidden Planet are for you.

Hospital Zombie! £24.99 from Forbidden Planet

This hospital zombie gelatine is my favourite out of all of them, and even comes with a free oxygen tube! Unfortunately, it does come unpainted as the shop recommends you complete it yourself with their application kits – meaning you get the perfect skin tone for you. This does push the price up, but if you really want to make a proper zombie statement (without just ripping some clothes and splattering red dye on them), then this is for you. It would also make the perfect disguise for that upcoming zombie invasion – just in case there’s no castle, prison or supermarket nearby.

Yellow Cat Style Contact Lenses. £13.99 from Forbidden Planet

Next I have discovered these gorgeous contact lenses, again from Forbidden Planet, that come in a variety of styles and colours. They all come with sterile solution and last up to 90 days. Contact lenses have always scared me slightly, but with these creepy styles I might be persuaded to give them a go! Ideal for looking deep into the eyes of your soulmate… if they can hold your gaze.

Now we head to Etsy again to finish this search, starting with these adorable baby costumes by The Wishing Elephant.

R2D2 Baby Costume, £37.13 from Etsy

This adorable R2D2 costume would be the perfect way to start your baby’s geek life, and qualify them for the perfect dressing up Halloween and birthday parties! They would be the coolest baby around. I am so tempted to get one myself and just store it for a few years until I have kids… but that would be crazy, right?

Poison Ivy style corset, approx £99.24 from Etsy

Finally, for that ultimate sexy statement (and splurge) we have this Poison Ivy inspired handmade corset, set with Swarovski crystals. Made by Dirty Little Laundry on Etsy. If there was any comic book character that could inspire you to be sexy and confident, it would be Poison Ivy. And this corset is beautiful without being too revealing (like some Poison Ivy costumes!), and is boned to maintain the shape.

Steampunk Sewing Pattern from Simplicity. £5.65

Or if you want something a bit more covered up, Simplicity has gorgeous sewing patterns, like this Steampunk style dress. Although you do have to make it yourself, it would produce something that both looks beautiful and you could be proud of. As Steampunk has been through a massive increase in popularity lately, this would be a great Halloween option.

All images belong to their respective stores. Remember to tune in again next week!

As promised, this week is accessories! If you do not feel confident to go all out statement with your geek-wear, a subtle accessory is all you need to declare your love of dork (and most accessories you can wear every day!) All images copyrighted to their respective stores.

Pacman Oven Gloves, from Forbidden Planet. £8.99.

First of all, we have these Pacman oven gloves from Forbidden Planet. Who says the kitchen can’t be fun! Owning these certainly might make me a bit more willing to start cooking – although the amount of times I would take things out of the oven, just so I can use them, might have an effect on the actual heating of food.

Elder Scrolls: Oblivion Pendant, from Etsy. Approx £9.13

Next we have this gorgeous pendant from Etsy. It is handmade and is priced really affordably. You could also get away with wearing this as simply as a pretty necklace, with the gaming fans on your journeys giving you a secret nod to recognise how awesome you are.

Marvel Comics Umbrella, from Amazon. £13.50

This umbrella is from Amazon and has various retro comic book covers printed all over it. I actually have a messenger bag with this design, so I know it looks good! Various items in this style have already made an impact in High Street shops, so you can guarantee this will shine your geek lantern AND still be considered “trendy”. Although having never seen an actual umbrella around before, you can also guarantee that unique edge.

Hermione’s Bag from Harry Potter, sold by Forbidden Planet. £67.49

If you fancy a splurge we have this authentic prop replica of Hermione’s bag from Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, currently on Forbidden Planet. Unfortunately it is currently sold out, but there is an option to put your e-mail address down for updates on the product – and it was too lovely not to include here! Yes, it is an expensive item but for those who can afford it it would really be something special. It looks so intricately made and would be a gorgeous accessory for all fans, adding that touch of class to the geek fashion style.

And our final accessory, a must have for all geek fans (although also a big splurge) is the One Ring, from Forbidden Planet.

The One Ring (Silver Edition), from Forbidden Planet. £99.99

This pendant is made of sterling silver, and plated in pure gold with the elvish inscription etched inside and outside of the ring. It comes with a collector’s box and a certificate of authenticity. Yes, it is beautiful in every way and yes, again it is very expensive (I think this would be a definite candidate for any Christmas list!) But as the age-old saying goes, “One ring to rule them all, one ring to find them, one ring to bring them all, and in the darkness bind them”. A good enough argument for anyone, surely?

Next week I shall look into costume wear and accessories in preparation for Halloween! The perfect excuse for the secret cosplayer inside us all.

I plan to turn this into a recurring weekly post, where I will scour the interweb and find some geeky clothing gems for your enjoyment! (Each week featuring various themes – accessories, Star Wars, lingerie – it could be anything). This week, the theme is the wonderful website Etsy – where you can find gorgeous handmade things, from vintage home accessories to a hat shaped like a dragon. Probably.

My first find was the fabulous skirts, aprons and other creations made to order by NerdAlertCreations

A Buffy Inspired Skirt based on the season 8 comic book. $40, or approx £25.38. Pic copyrighted for the shop

These items are made by Rachel Bradford from Florida and are made to order, the fabric is handmade and cannot be bought elsewhere.  Etsy states her feedback is 100% positive (from 504). I personally love the skirts – the designs are unique and eye-catching and I love the full shape of the skirts. It’s great to see such feminine clothing that is not a “shaped” t-shirt that suffocates you! The skirts would look gorgeous with a plain vest top tucked inside and make a real, proud geek statement.

TARDIS inspired – again $40 or approx £25.38. Pic copyrighted for the shop

Next up are some upcycled beauties from Moonlight Decorator, otherwise known as Stephanie from Florida (feedback 100% positive from 60).

Size 8 1/2 heels upcycled with a 1990’s Marvel Iron Man comic book. $85, or approx £53.92. Pic copyright of shop.

She makes all sorts of things other than her shoes – I particularly love the comic book themed coat hangers! She also has many vintage items. I think these shoes are fabulous and again add that feminine touch to a geeky outfit. They are perfect if you do not feel comfortable enough to go all out statement with your clothing, let the shoes do the subtle talking. They could be worn casual with jeans (maybe for a convention) or all out glamour for a night out.

Decoupaged bracelet with 1978 Marvel Star Wars comic book. $15, or approx £9.52. Pic copyrighted for shop

And last but not least is the Doctor Who gems from Geekiana, or Leann Olsen from Minneapolis. Feedback 100% positive from 1221.

Bag design based on TARDIS and Sugar Skulls from the day of the dead. $18 or approx £11.42. Pic copyrighted for shop

I adore these items. I may be biased towards Doctor Who, but these items are designed and printed by Leann herself, making them unique – and they are very affordable. The fresh approach to the classic TARDIS shape is wonderful and really makes everything stand out that little bit more. It would be talking point for all Whovians!

Pashmina with henna inspired TARDIS design. $20 or approx £12.69. Pic copyrighted for shop.

Come back next week for an amazing accessories theme!

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