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A new reveal trailer has been released for the Deadpool game, being released this year on Xbox 360, Playstation 3 and Wii U. See it here:

I am so excited about this game! I hated what they did to the Merc with a Mouth back in the Wolverine film, and this game looks like they are bringing him back to his psychotic (and hilarious) personality.

The trailer looks great – just enough gameplay to keep us interesting without really revealing anything about what the game story is about. Apart from shooting people and Cable.

But the shining thing in the trailer is certainly Deadpool’s personality, which is as right as it should be. The trailer is cleverly crafted from Deadpool’s point of view, and I love how they included the conversations with himself which is what sets him apart in the actual comic. It also makes a refreshing break from the serious game trailers and the game-sold-as-movie-style-thingy we see so frequently today. A particular highlight for me was the gun noises in the shooting scenes (“pew pew”) and the interaction between weight-of-the-world Cable and Deadpool should be great – and I hope this means other characters might make appearances somewhere.

Seeing as I will be graduated when this comes out, this is a pre-warning for somebody to buy this for me. Seriously.

The first trailer, released last year, is also here:


As promised, this week is accessories! If you do not feel confident to go all out statement with your geek-wear, a subtle accessory is all you need to declare your love of dork (and most accessories you can wear every day!) All images copyrighted to their respective stores.

Pacman Oven Gloves, from Forbidden Planet. £8.99.

First of all, we have these Pacman oven gloves from Forbidden Planet. Who says the kitchen can’t be fun! Owning these certainly might make me a bit more willing to start cooking – although the amount of times I would take things out of the oven, just so I can use them, might have an effect on the actual heating of food.

Elder Scrolls: Oblivion Pendant, from Etsy. Approx £9.13

Next we have this gorgeous pendant from Etsy. It is handmade and is priced really affordably. You could also get away with wearing this as simply as a pretty necklace, with the gaming fans on your journeys giving you a secret nod to recognise how awesome you are.

Marvel Comics Umbrella, from Amazon. £13.50

This umbrella is from Amazon and has various retro comic book covers printed all over it. I actually have a messenger bag with this design, so I know it looks good! Various items in this style have already made an impact in High Street shops, so you can guarantee this will shine your geek lantern AND still be considered “trendy”. Although having never seen an actual umbrella around before, you can also guarantee that unique edge.

Hermione’s Bag from Harry Potter, sold by Forbidden Planet. £67.49

If you fancy a splurge we have this authentic prop replica of Hermione’s bag from Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, currently on Forbidden Planet. Unfortunately it is currently sold out, but there is an option to put your e-mail address down for updates on the product – and it was too lovely not to include here! Yes, it is an expensive item but for those who can afford it it would really be something special. It looks so intricately made and would be a gorgeous accessory for all fans, adding that touch of class to the geek fashion style.

And our final accessory, a must have for all geek fans (although also a big splurge) is the One Ring, from Forbidden Planet.

The One Ring (Silver Edition), from Forbidden Planet. £99.99

This pendant is made of sterling silver, and plated in pure gold with the elvish inscription etched inside and outside of the ring. It comes with a collector’s box and a certificate of authenticity. Yes, it is beautiful in every way and yes, again it is very expensive (I think this would be a definite candidate for any Christmas list!) But as the age-old saying goes, “One ring to rule them all, one ring to find them, one ring to bring them all, and in the darkness bind them”. A good enough argument for anyone, surely?

Next week I shall look into costume wear and accessories in preparation for Halloween! The perfect excuse for the secret cosplayer inside us all.

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