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Michonne and Rick

Michonne and Rick

I have now officially caught up with The Walking Dead. Now, to begin with I was not really drawn to it, purely because I have begun to get fed up with standard zombies. I can only take so many Resident Evils et al.

However, The Walking Dead is in a purely different league to the films – which is why it works. It’s more based around the pure survival of an apocalypse, and the crazy shizz that goes down with that and how human beings just can’t cope with this… unless you’re Michonne or Daryl of course.

So, watching the programme I felt that it could teach us a few little lessons if the zombie apocalypse hit that fan – or just general survival tips. (These are purely a bit of fun and tongue-in-cheek, I thoroughly enjoyed The Walking Dead and these reasons in no way made me enjoy the show any less. They just make you think…)

1) Zombies don’t kill people. People kill people. I haven’t officially counted the deaths, but I reckon a significant portion of them are down to humans killing each other or their general stupidity getting somebody else killed or hurt. I could probably count on my fingers the amount of times someone was legitimately killed by a zombie they could not have avoided. For example – T-Dog gashing his arm open of his own accord during the first walker herd and then getting blood poisoning. When no walker was in the immediate vicinity.

2) Guns are noisy. The amount of times the team decide not to use them… and then get the guns back out when under attack. And don’t get me started on how easily they learn how to shoot the head every time.

3) Don’t be a mother or a strong independent woman. Lori turns into a useless character who either gets somebody else to do the dangerous work for her or crashes her car in her one rescue attempt. Andrea takes it too far the other way with her determination to have a gun, but then shoots Daryl by accident and suffers a massive mis-judgement of character with the Governor. The women characters are certainly written better as the series progresses, though.

4) Start learning how to use a crossbow or a katana asap.

5)  Don’t be a group leader. Rick ends up losing the faith of his camp for doing the right thing, and is now starting to lose his mind after the death of Lori. Shane, the wannabe leader, becomes psychotic and the Governor is a power-hungry controller. Just fly under the radar, like Glenn and Maggie, or become your own man like Daryl.

6) JUST TRUST PEOPLE SOMETIMES. Or, more precisely, make sure the very couple of people you do end up trusting are the right people. Michonne? She’s a good one. Axel and Oscar? Good ones. The Governor? Not a good one.

But I fully recommend The Walking Dead to anyone. You’ll find that there are some characters who grate on you, but that’s just life. There are also characters who become their own and blossom as the show progresses, and as we’re watching human survival this makes perfect sense. The Walking Dead, certainly in terms of characters, feels real. And that’s what counts.


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